The Mix-and-Match Smoothie Guide


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What if you never had to search the internet for a smoothie recipe or depend on a smoothie barever again?


With my new book "The Mix-and-Match Smoothie Guide" you won't have to! Because you'll learn how to become a Super Smoothista, someone who creates nutritionally balanced super smoothies you can be proud ofwithout a recipe!


Do any of these sound like you?

  • You're baffled by which ingredients go into a healthy smoothie.
  • You struggle with making a nutritious smoothie that actually tastes good.
  • You wish there was an easy, fool-proof smoothie formula that you could follow.
  • You're fed up with spending a small fortune on designer smoothies.
  • You're tired of feeling "tired" an hour after having a so-called "healthy" smoothie.
  • You just realized that you've been drinking dessert for breakfast!


    I know, I can relate. It's easy to get stuck in smoothie confusion.


So, I asked myself . . .

Isn't it time smoothies got a healthy MAKEOVER?


As a Nutrition Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert, I finally got fed up with all the fruity, sugary smoothie recipes on the internet, and the smoothie-bar smoothies passing themselves off as being "healthy"—while leaving the real healthy smoothies in the dust!

The health benefits of nutritionally balanced smoothies are far too powerful to be ignored!

Nutritionally balanced smoothies:

  • contain the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber
  • have massive amounts of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes
  • are a quick and healthy on-the-go-meal
  • are easily digested and well absorbed
  • give the digestive system a well-deserved break
  • help the body naturally cleanse and detoxify
  • help stabilize blood sugar and control appetite
  • can be filling and satisfying for hours
  • are a natural, whole food source of energy
  • can be the gateway to healthier eating and weight loss


But making smoothies that are delicious AND nutritionally balanced isn’t as simple as it sounds.

 That's why I created my brand-new book:


The Mix-and-Match Smoothie Guide

Are you ready to become a "Super Smoothista"?


Get off the smoothie "blood sugar roller coaster" and become a Super Smoothista easily creating nutritionally balanced Super Smoothies in your own kitchen that you can be proud of—without a recipe! In this book you'll discover "The Perfect Super Smoothie Formula" and learn how to quickly create a fully-balanced meal-in-a-glass using your choice of whole food ingredients. 

You'll also find smoothie making basics, time saving tips, helpful cheat sheets, and 15 Sassy Super Smoothie Recipeswith attitude—to get you started on your Super Smoothie journey. 

Establishing the habit of replacing just 4 to 5 meals per week with a Super Smoothie can kick-start you on the path to:

  • healthier eating
  • unstoppable energy
  • appetite control
  • reduced sugar cravings
  • stable blood sugar
  • sustainable fat loss

eBook $10


Paperback $16


All the tools you need to build your own Perfect Super Smoothies every time!


Say goodbye to those expensive bottled smoothies and over-priced smoothie bars forever!

Because you'll discover how to mix-and-match simple whole food ingredients to create your own nutritionally balanced Super Smoothieswithout a recipeusing "The Perfect Super Smoothie Formula! 

This template reveals the exact "Super 7" ingredients you need to build a perfectly balanced Super Smoothie that you can enjoy as a satisfying on-the-go meal, replenishing post-workout drink, or hearty afternoon snack.

For nutritional variety, you'll have three dietary options to choose from when making your smoothies: Vegan, Mediterranean, and Paleo. You'll also learn how to follow the "Mixiterranean Lifestyle" way of eating—mixing up these three diets in your own unique way so you never have to worry about going off your diet again!


15 Sassy Super Smoothie Recipes with Purpose—and Attitude! 

Included, you'll also find 15 Sassy Super Smoothies Recipes for 15 different health conditions to meet your ever-changing health needs and put you on the path to optimal health and vitality. These delicious smoothie recipes follow "The Perfect Super Smoothie Formula" and can also be made either Vegan, Mediterranean, or Paleo.

Acne Clearing: Zits Be Gone Smoothie
Blood Pressure Lowering: Release the Pressure Smoothie
Blood Sugar Balancing: Ready Steady Blood Sugar Smoothie
Brain Improving: Einstein Love Smoothie
Cancer Fighting: Cancer Sucker Punch Smoothie
Cholesterol Reducing: LDL/HDL All Is Well Smoothie
Energy Increasing: Unstoppable Me Smoothie
Fat Burning: Adios Adipose Smoothie
Gut Healing: Belly Party Smoothie
Heart Strengthening: I Heart You Smoothie
Immune Supporting: Pathogen Pouncer Smoothie
Inflammation Cooling: Tame the Flames Smoothie
Libido Boosting: Libido Lambada Smoothie
Muscle Building: Muscle Madness Smoothie
Stress Calming: Better Than Xanax Smoothie

 Imagine, perfectly balanced smoothies that are a cinch to make AND are healthy, delicious, and a little sassy—whenever you want!

Imagine how you'd look and feel in just one month from now . . .

if you simply committed to replacing just 4 to 5 meals per week with a Super Smoothiewithout changing anything else in your diet.

In just 4 weeks:

  • Your clothes would begin to feel looser.
  • You'd feel more energetic and upbeat.
  • Your skin would be clearer and brighter.
  • Your sugar cravings would lessen.
  • Your blood sugar would be more balanced.
  • You'd start craving healthier foods.
  • You'd have more control over your appetite.
  • You'd feel lighter and less bloated.
  • You'd eat healthier throughout the day.
  • You'd begin to see the scale go down.
  • . . . and, you'd be extremely proud of yourself!


You've got nothing to lose—except those extra unwanted pounds! 


In summary this guide includes:

"The Perfect Super Smoothie Formula" Template

This one-page template is great for putting up on the fridge and shows you exactly how to mix-and-match your choices of the "Super 7" whole food ingredients to create your own perfectly balanced Super Smoothies every time—without a recipe!

15 Health-Promoting Super Smoothie Recipes

15 delicious, perfectly balanced Sassy Super Smoothie recipes for 15 different health conditions to help you meet your ever-changing health needs. Every recipe is "Mixiterranean" which means it can be made either Vegan, Mediterranean, or Paleo. Photos and Nutrition Information are included for every recipe!

The Super Smoothie Cheat Sheets

These one-page cheat sheets help you simplify smoothie making. They include a Produce Buying Guide, a Recipe Idea Generator, and a Blank Recipe Template to record your own signature smoothie recipes. You'll learn how to easily build delicious, nutritious smoothies in your own kitchen that you can be proud of!

If you're ready to kick those "sugar bomb" smoothies to the curb, click below to purchase.


eBook $10


Paperback $16