6 Simple Steps to Healthy Habit Change That Sticks - FREE Guide

Download your FREE PDF guide or listen on-the-go to the bonus audio version at your leisure. This 27-page guide reveals 6 simple steps that will show you exactly how to get unstuck from unhelpful habits that prevent you from reaching your health goals. You'll learn how to work with your brain—instead of against it—to minimize the discomfort that comes with habit change so that you can maximize your health and overall happiness.

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The Sassy Super Smoothie Guide - eBook - $14

Learn how to create health-promoting Super Smoothies you can be proud of! ‚ÄčIn this eBook, you'll find "The Perfect Super Smoothie Formula" to help you easily build and customize your own delicious, nutritionally balanced Super Smoothies—without a recipe! You'll also find 15 delicious Sassy Super Smoothie recipes for 15 different health conditions—with attitude—that follow the formula. Become a "Super Smoothista" and supercharge your energy and your life!


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Weight Loss The Screenplay - Paperback Book - $24

This paperback book helps you reconnect to your authentic self—with a Hollywood twist! You'll finally lose the physical AND mental weight for good by learning how to change your scripts and change your life from the inside out—the only kind of change that lasts. You'll bust through barriers, reprogram old beliefs, create healthy new habits, and learn how to manage your beautiful mind. And you'll finally become the heroine in your own weight loss story.

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